Sneak Peak from Sanna & Andreas vintage inspired rustic countryside wedding

As we were driving towards Malmbäck in the deep south of Småland, we saw litterarely thousands of beautiful places were we would have like to photograph the portraits of Sanna and Andreas. The wild, vast countyside with small red cottages, lakes and open green fields called to us and we were so thrilled, this is going to me magic we thought. But nothing could have prepared us for the most exquisite, delicate, precious almost ethereal beauty that day, the bride. Sanna was stunning, almost with no make up her face was like porcelane and  hairpiece, jewellery and shoes was perfectly put together and almost all of the items vintage. The groom, Andreas, a dashing young hockey player, got ready together with his groomsmen, wearing matching socks, bowties and as he put on the lovely little gift from his bride we noticed that it were a couple of hockey inspired cufflinks. Details, details, details, this couple really made an effort to personlize their wedding and it really felt genuine, since they made all of this by them selves with help from family and friends. No wedding planner, nothing. We thanked them and our lycky star to be so fortunate to have clients like this, makes our job absolutely fantasticly fun! Apart from all the gorgeous pictures we had the opportunity to make we hade so much fun. The warmth from Sanna and Andreas, and their family and friends made us all teary eyed, they embraced us with open arms and we felt so appreciated we can´t even describe it. We´d like to make a special mention about Sanna´s brother that held such a wonderful and emotional reading during the ceremony and to the minister who held the ceremony, both of them made this wedding  very unique. This is just a sneak peak from that day, more to come, much more….

With ♥♥♥ 2 Brides