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Juliana Wiklund/ & Marco, La Madaglena/Sardinia

pm715Twenty minutes to sunset. Thirty minutes before the boat to Palau would leave for the dinner reception.

An extraordinary couple + great strong wind + the sea + a photographer in love with them and the location= no problem at all!

Yes, even I got amazed when I sat down and started downloading Paola and Marco’s couple shots from our flash couple session after the ceremony in the church: more than fifty amazing images were able to be captured on camera. So much love, passion, happiness and joy. Wow. As you see, I really miss Italy, and my great newly acquired friends.

You have already seen some of their pictures here in the blog and many more will come in homeopathic doses, as I have tooooo much to share with you!

Please check out our blog for more pictures from this post:


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Stig Albansson

Fotograf Stig Albansson – ny favoritbild

20070721_ef_blog1En bild som ej är publicerad tidigare, från ett bröllop 2007 mellan Emelie och Fredrik på Thorskogs slott.

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Fotograf - Daniel K. Johansson

Helene & Gaelic – Daniel K. Johansson,

Vigseln ägde rum i Tävelsås kyrka. Festen samt porträtten klarade vi av på Osaby herrgård.

Grymt par, grym dag, vilket fest, vilken stämning, vilka härliga bilder. Strålar verkligen om dem, ler varje gång jag tittar igenom bilderna…


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Juliana Wiklund/ Maravilhosos!


Well, unfortunately I have to put a stop on myself and let this one be the last last wedding of the year post, otherwise I’ll be here all night!

Sofia and Tobias: love in the first sight. For me, I mean.

When they entered the studio for the first time I thought: God, how gorgeous they are! I hope they choose me.

When they started talking, I thought: GOD! They HAAAAAVE to choose me!

That’s Sofia and  Tobias, there’s no way of not falling in love with them. They are one of the sweetest couples I know and besides discovering many coincidences in our lives, the most amazing coincidence was that they had lived in Brazil for almost a year, so Sofia could even speak Portuguesseeeeeeeeee to me! See? No way of not falling in love.

And then I knew: if I like them, if they like me, there’s no way the pictures can be bad (yeah, ok, I just made it my mantra, because I really really wanted the pictures to be the best ever…..eheheh…..). And now, when I’m here looking at their beautiful shots, I get once more the confirmation that if we, photographer-couple, connect, the sky is the limit.

As Tobias was so incredibly long and there was no way I could ever come to his height -of course I tried, but as benches didn’t help a bit, and the roof was unfortunately not an option- I went to the ”frog perspective”, as we call in Sweden and made my dwarf-condition even more ”dwarfy”. Thank God, they are perfect for these kinds of shots (not everybody looks good being photographed from the ground), here you are, the day’s best couple shots. Besides all the other ones you have already seen. And, yes, besides all the other ones I have in my computer that if I still want to have a family home, I won’t be able to post today.

More pictures and TWO more blog posts with this wonderful couple, you find at:




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Juliana Wiklund/ Li and Markus: blessed by the Gods!


Do you believe in signs?

Well, I do. I know it’s silly, but I do. And today it was almost like someone/something was trying to tell me to keep on believing them.

When I met Li for the first time, I almost dropped dead: how could someone so gorgeous be also fun, nice, kind and super friendly? Well, some days later I met Markus.

It was then I really did drop dead: he was fun, nice, kind, friendly and also drop dead gorgeous!!!!

Well, enough of dropping dead and let me share with you the amazing fairy-tale day we had today.


After meeting Li and Markus, I decided that their couple shots should be fashion inspired, so I spent weeks collecting every single catalog I thought would be a source of inspiration for their wedding day. When I got to Edsbergs Slott, where we would shoot their first pictures, I had an insight and saw their whole shot in my mind, like a video-clip (no, I was not on drugs-as you can see, I don’t need them to be this weird!).

I got out of the car and told my assistants that next time we shoot, we will bring music with us.

And then, twenty minutes later, Li arrived and while she was walking down a beautiful ”allè” with trees on both sides, to meet Markus, music started playing! I’m not kidding! It really did! They were just putting up the sound system for a concert later on in the park, and decided to test the sound, just then!

It was a sign! We started laughing and the whole shoot was filled with this magical energy, and small portions of music that was being tested all the time. No wonder we got great shots. We even convinced Markus to look a little meaner, because he was looking way too nice and behaved for our ”fashion” thing!


More pictures:



And the church in Täby with its famous medieval paintings (1400 century) by Albertus Pictor, just out of this world!


We ended the day by taking some pictures before their arrival in Såstaholms Gård. I just couldn’t let them go……



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