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Malin och Marcus: SmallpigArt Photography/Anna Roström

Fler bilder finns på SmallpigArt´s bloggmalinmarcus6

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Erika Gerdemark Photography

America + Sweden at Häringe slott

He is American, she is Swedish. They met three years ago in Stockholm at the restaurant/nightclub ”East” and Adam knew right away that this girl he saw was the girl he was going to marry. On the American national day, 4th of July 2009, they got married at Häringe slott.


This wedding was special since it wasn’t Sandra and Adam that hired me. It was in fact several of their friends who hired me, as a gift to the bride and groom. Isn’t that a sweet thing! I don’t think it’s possible to get a better present on your wedding day! Sandra and Adam knew about this gift and a few days before the wedding, when they flew in from New York, I had a pre meeting with them to discuss the details. They got a lovely wedding with Jewish influences. 

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