Anna & Julian, by Juliana Wiklund/

annaju003bannaju002How do you photograph one of your best friend’s weddings?

Specially when this best friend is also a wedding photographer?

Well, you don’t.

You leave it for your favorite professionals: Mark & Marianne Earthy. In their blog you can find the wonderful pictures of Anna and Julian´s wedding.

But I’m still a wedding photographer myself, a workaholic, who has a camera glued to my hands at all times, too afraid to miss something worth remembering, so I just needed to capture something on my own camera. I did that in the ten minutes we had before Anna started to really freeze in her incredible wedding dress.

I usually cry at weddings, even if I’m just there working, I can help it, if it’s beautiful and touching, I cry. What happens then when people you really love get married? Well, then you try holding your breath not to destroy the whole ceremony with your unavoidable sobs. Thank God everybody else was trying to do the same!

And the wedding? Well, it has beaten all records for beautiful emotional weddings I’ve had in my whole life. As my husband well said, there was such a powerful circle of love in the air that we could almost touch it.

I started crying when I saw Anna and Julian step in the garden where the ceremony would be held and I couldn’t stop crying until I hug them ( better said, almost squeezed Anna to death) and wish them the best I could wish for. And now, working on her pictures, it started again……Goshhhhh! I just wonder what would happen when my own children get married….


And of course that Anna couldn’t help being a photographer even at her own wedding!annaju183annaju184annaju215

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