Brigitte Grenfeldt | Ring those bells!

Annika & Jakob have been together for quite some years. They have two kids, Fredrik and Elvira, a big family and a lot of friends. They all came to the the ceremony in the charming chapel of Nacka Boo.

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt

One of the special things with this chapel is that there is no tower with churchbells.

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt

But as you can see there was some sort of arrangement with bells to ring outside. And ring they did!!!

Photo: Brigitte GrenfeldtPhoto: Brigitte Grenfeldt

Fredrik’s opinion was that the bells were cool – a little too loud, maybe.

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt
Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt

Two baskets with enough of rice to feed all the birds in the neighbourhood…

Photo: Brigitte GrenfeldtPhoto: Brigitte GrenfeldtPhoto: Brigitte GrenfeldtPhoto: Brigitte Grenfeldt

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