Juliana Wiklund; Regnigt Höst Bröllop i Stockholm

Imagine that you’ve just finished College. Imagine you have your whole life in front of you. Imagine you can share it all with the person you love the most.

And then, just imagine you can go to one of your favorite cities in the world and celebrate this new life and the beautiful love you share.

In my imagination, I also imagined that a couple like this would choose me as their photographer, so I could share their love story to the world.

So besides the joy of having one of the things you imagine come true, I also had the joy of meeting two people who were very much like me in many ways, though the decades that separated us.

From favorite songs,  Vera-Wang-fan-club, purple umbrellas & purple socks by chance, same way of touching our chins when we think, the same birth day (IMAGINE THAT!) to the moment we met through  Skype, everything felt just right. This lovestory has been in my head for weeks. I  just HAVE to show you more than a hundred pictures from this day we spent together because you wouldn’t be able to imagine how great this day was without seeing for yourselves how wonderful these two are. And how brave as well.

Though the rain, the chilly weather and the muddy woods, Nataliya and Boris were on to all the crazy suggestions I had. I felt sorry for Nataliya’s exquisite Dior Shoes, but she assured me that she had chosen good shoes so she could walk around everywhere. And her dresssssss…OMG! Did you know that Vera Wang has a store downtown Moscow??? One more reason for me to visit this beautiful city soon. Nataliya is such an amazing person that we spend hours laughing at the stories on how she has added shoulder straps to the dress and made it shorter, to the dread of the store’s sales girls! 😉 Just loooove Nataliya! And Boris…..so much fun to be with him of course, as only great people are born on September 24th!

We started our day at Stallmästaregården with a celebration by the water. N &B had already gotten married legally in Moscow, so this time they were “soul-heart-getting-married”, in a celebration they had prepared themselves. Kate and I just stood there, not understanding any Russian, but smiling by seeing how much love can show without the need of words. Just beautiful. Then, as the weather got worse, we decided to shorten our Stockholm-wedding-tour to the City Hall and to Haga Parken, where we just spent hours talking about their love and how wonderful life is. I could never have imagined it better than it got to be!

Hope I get to meet you soon again guys! A big hug to you from, again, the rainy Stockholm! And super thanks to my friend and colleague Kate Gabor that came along and helped me out with all our photo-stuff in the rain. I’ve never felt as spoiled ! 😉

To see all the pictures, please visit: www.destinationweddingphotography.se

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