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Juliana Wiklund Destination Weddings

Hello and welcome to m world of destination wedding photography in Sweden and around the world!

I’ve spent these last years trying to figure out why I’ve become a photographer. What is it about photography that makes it a part of me? What is it about my photography that makes it a part of you?

I’ve gotten to a simple answer: because it matters. Because our life matters. Because in the middle of this chaotic life, there are moments of such beauty, there are moments of such loving simplicity surrounding you that should never be taken for granted. That should never be forgotten. I want my photography to be a concrete reminder of how much you are loved, in the moments where love is so strong that it can almost be palpable.

Love matters. Connections matter. Life matters.

And then when you are sitting on your porch watching the sunset at old age, and still being amazed at how beautiful life can be, you can  look back at your photographs and feel the same warmth of the sun with the certainty of the knowledge that you-have-lived.

We would love to “meet” you before you make any decisions about having us as your wedding photographers , as we think that liking each other is pretty important when capturing what matters the most in your life on camera. If you don’t live in Stockholm, we will be happy to Skype!

Hope you feel we can contribute a verse to the story of your life, then we would love to hear from you!

A big warm hug from Stockholm,

Juliana Wiklund

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Konstnärliga, smakfulla bilder med en sensuell touch som ofta används som morgongåva.


Fotografen erbjuder individuellt designade bröllopsalbum i olika storlekar och material.

Geografiskt oberoende

Fotografen är bokningsbar över hela skandinavien.


Ett omfattande bröllopsreportage. Fotografen är med hela dagen från tidig morgon till festen slutar för att dokumentera alla stora och små ögenblick.


Här ingår det även förlovnings-, trash-the dress- och beloved-fotograferingar. Kontakta gärna respektive fotograf för mer information.

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Jobbar i team av två fotografer och/eller filmfotografer vid önskemål.