Juliana Wiklund: ett bröllop på ishotellet!

Juliana Wiklund: ett bröllop på ishotellet! 1

Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. And the Icehotel.

When Fia & Marcus told me they had moved their wedding from Stockholm to the Ice Hotel, I knew I had to ”move” myself with it.

When they started telling me about their plans, I knew this would be a great wedding, as much as a great challenge for my wedding photography: photographing a wedding in an icy environment AND in many minus degrees. So I did my research, I contacted wedding photographers that were used to the cold and got their tips on what to where and how to protect our equipment. I even flew an extra photographer from my own budget, just to be sure we wouldn’t miss a thing. Yes, these are the things I do when I shoot: I want to give my couples only the very best and I want to capture all that I know can be captured in such a wonderful place.

And it was. WONDERFUL! This cozy wedding with the couple’s closest friends & family felt like we were attending our own friends’ wedding. The warmth, the joy, the love…….it almost melt the ice around them!

I feel soooo blessed these two decided to bring me along their ”love-journey” and I hope that you will bear with me, because I just couldn’t take any of those pictures out of everything I would like to show you.




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