Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas

Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 1


I’m definitely a nerd. I played cello when I was eight and I had thick glasses and braces. I used my walking home-time to read while walking and not seldom I would crash into people or lamp-poles. I would cry and wine when my mom didn’t want to buy me the last dectetive book from ”série vagalume” I loved to read. One of my favorite games was to pretend I was James Bond on a mission or dig so deep in the sand that I would make it to China. Excitement was going to a 13-year old movie with my dad when I was 11: STAR WARS & INDIANA JONES. Seen them all. 10 times. I was sure I could be an archeologist-astronomer-doctor-journalist by the time I was ten. Yeah, multi-tasking started early!  One of the happiest days of my 11 year old life was when I friend came to me with a huge box with her comic book collections she didn’t want anymore. I actually believed there was someone who was the real Santa Claus somewhere in the North Pole until I was about 13. In middle school I was one of the top students of my class and I could feel depressed for days when I didn’t do well on a test. I’ve started three Colleges and for two years, besides working as a teacher, I managed to go to two different Universities at once. And I have to admit it, I still do it. Start courses. Never give up learning. Right now, I’ve decided I want to learn Chinese. So I do that on Mondays. And I truly think it’s fun!

This year, I also decided to come along to weddings as an assistant or a second shooter.  As a photographer, I’ve never had a chance to learn from someone else, as when I started nobody in Sweden did the kind of photography I was interested in or if they did, I never had the time to ask to come along, having three small babies and living the vidaloca of starting to build a family and a new life in a foreign country.

So a couple of weeks ago my dear friend Karin Lindén, from Lönnbacka Photographers, asked for an assistent and I jumped in. ”They are such a wonderful couple. I love them already!”, Karin said. And they would be getting married in Sigtuna, as you already know, one of my favorite places in Sweden.

When we started planning and talking about the day, she also said: ”They are both from Brazil…..””FROM BRAZIL????”, I screamed. ”You DO know I’m from  Brazil, too, right?”. Well, she did know, but she hadn’t thought of it until I said it. Ahahah…..that’s Karin, so much like me it’s scary! The more time we spend together the more often this weird serendipities happen. Karin is the only one I know to which weird things happen, as if life were a crazy mexican fun soapopera, just like my crazy life can be sometimes!

Karin & I are also explorers at heart and we have planned some joint ventures in the future we hope will result in even more development & inspiration for us both.

So here you have, some flashes of our day together, which went by way too fast and I had to leave to early, but better a glimpse of a serendipity than nothing at all, right?

Never stop exploring!!!!!

Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 2Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 3Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 4Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 5Juliana Wiklund & Karin Lindén-vikten att alltid vilja utvecklas 6

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