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I’ve been talking about that forever. About wanting to capture that that ”couldn’t-be-seen-but-could-be-felt”, wanting to have my pictures remind you of the power of the love people have for each other.

And then I found Jesh de Rox a couple of years ago. Loved his site and loved the way he spoke about the same things I believed in. Last year I had the joy of ”meeting” him at the DWF convention in Nashville.  Well, I actually didn’t meet him, as he was one of the ”rockstars” of photography present at the event with a constant cloud of people around him, but I had the chance to look at him and feel that everything about him felt true.

So when I heard about his coming to London, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be there. And so I went to London and spent four wonderful days with Jesh and eight other amazing inspiring photographers.

I spent four days being inspired to give even more of myself into my photography. I spent four days knowing how it would feel like to give more of myself into my photography. And I cried.

I cried of joy, for being able to be there, for being able to ”dis-cover” a side of me that long had been forgotten. I side of me that wanted to give much more of myself to my couples. To get my couples to give much more of themselves to me.

I will know start with Beloved sessions for couples and I will include those sessions in everything I do, from my wedding photography to my children photography. I want you to know that whenever you book me from now on, I will be there, I will be there 100% for you.

Beloved sessions are much more than photography. Photography will be only having a secondary part in the bigger play. The main goal of my beloved sessions will be reaching deep inside your hearts, that nothing but love in its purest most beautiful form will flourish.

And the pictures will only be there to remind you of the astonishing moments you will together have experienced.

Photographers: if you want to know how the beloved session work, I’d be glad to explain it to you through an own beloved session with you and your partner. I believe that only by experiencing how it feels like you will be able to understand its true beauty and power.

Book your two-hour couple session now for 3000 sek  and the first 5 photographers to book their sessions will get their high-resolution post-processed pictures as a gift from me to you  in the package.

Beloved. Celebrating your life and your love, together!

If you want to hear more about the Beloved Movement, please visit Jesh’s homepage or the Beloved Field Guide homepage (really recommend it!):  The Beloved Field Guide

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