Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: Casie & Martin at Skebo Gård

cm759As Casie and Martin live in the  States, I had just had a chance of meeting them last week, when they came to  Stockholm for their wedding. And it was as if we had met a thousand of times before!

Casie is also a hobby wedding photographer and I felt very nervous when I was getting ready to leave to Skebo Herrgård, where the wedding was going to take place. It rained the whole way to the castle, but when it was time for  us to take our couple shots, the rain stopped and even the sun came up.

Their ceremony was magnificent, being done both in English and Swedish and Casie saying her vows in Swedish was the highlight of the day. Well, her reading the make-up instructions while sitting on the toilet sit is also a very strong competitor to the title of ”highlight of the day”!


And can you believe that I just happened to have an IKEA orange umbrella in my ”umbrella case”? Well, when you have a collection of 15 different umbrellas in your ”case”, you might as well as find exactly the color you  need….

Thanks wonderful  Casie and Martin for making my job sooooooo easy!





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