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-C’est trés bon! Parfait, merci!

Well, ok, I studied in a French school twenty years ago, but I could still manage to say some ”cute” words as I met Emelie and Nicolas’ families and guests today, as most of them had come from France just for the wedding.

No wonder so many people came. I would also come from anywhere in the world if I had friends like them: cute, kind, friendly and most of all, totally in love with each other.

Both my assistant Fredrik and I kept saying all the time: ”Oh, God, aren’t they the cutest???”

And of course, every time I fall in love with a couple (it has actually happened an amazingly lot this year! :-), the pictures turn out great.

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en044Curiosity: Did you know that if you book the last slot for weddings at the City Hall on  Saturdays, you get to have your three-minute ceremony outdoors? Great if you intend on having all your 100 guests there to witness that.


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