Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: Japan falls in Love with Sweden

yuma032How much can it rain???

Well, very much, as we learned yesterday. It has rained non-stop from the moment we met Yumi and Markus until the moment we left them for their Charleston party in Bromma. Thank God, these fifteen years of experience really come in handy when things get rough. I had my two cameras with me, with rain protection for both, my wonderful Northface rainjacket, rain boots, 10 different umbrellas the couple could choose among, a tripod and lots of patience.

-”If you don’t mind standing in the rain, I don’t  either!”, stated a dropping wet wedding photographer, as I didn’t have time to tuck an umbrella behind my back as I usually do (under the bra, greeeeeat technique!)

Yumi and Markus had planned a wedding inspired in the twenties, as it’s one of Yumi’s greatest passions. As we didn’t get our desired shots with Stockholm’s background to show Yumi’s family and friends in Japan, I’m adding extra many Yumi pictures for her dear ones to see how incredibly happy Yumi was.

We even managed getting great pictures during the three-minute flash wedding at the City Hall!

I really loved spending hours and hours in front of the computer trying to recreate the atmosphere of this charming decade, with inspiration of Frida Kahlo’s portraits and Lennart Nilsson’s pictures of Stockholm.

Check out more Yumi & Markus pictures at: www.morethanwords.se/blog


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  • Anna Roström juni 15, 2009 - 3:00 e m

    Jag undrade också när regnet skulle sluta i lördags, fint ljus blir det iaf och du har verkligen fått in det i dina bilder! Bra jobbat Juliana!
    Kram Anna SmallpigArt