Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: love in the heart of Stockholm!

kh093Well, I don’t know if it’s the heart of Stockholm, but that’s at least where my heart is and gratefully, where Katrin and Henrik’s heart also dwells: Långholmen!

Katrin and Henrik had a fast but emotional ceremony at the City Hall, and then a very warm couple session around Stadshuset and Långhomen, sweet Långholmen! Yes, what can I do! I just looooooove the place!

kh076kh206kh256kh270kh214kh298kh306kh313kh327kh324Beautiful to see a family with four generations of lovely women!

kh015kh020kh040Their little daughter Elsa and her cousin almost stole the show. I had to concentrate not to only photograph them, you know how I loooove photographing cute children!


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