Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se-Paola & Marco, La Madaglena/Sardinia

pm715Twenty minutes to sunset. Thirty minutes before the boat to Palau would leave for the dinner reception.

An extraordinary couple + great strong wind + the sea + a photographer in love with them and the location= no problem at all!

Yes, even I got amazed when I sat down and started downloading Paola and Marco’s couple shots from our flash couple session after the ceremony in the church: more than fifty amazing images were able to be captured on camera. So much love, passion, happiness and joy. Wow. As you see, I really miss Italy, and my great newly acquired friends.

You have already seen some of their pictures here in the blog and many more will come in homeopathic doses, as I have tooooo much to share with you!

Please check out our blog for more pictures from this post:



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