Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: South Africa and Sweden meet in Västerås

sk179I felt nervous. I hadn’t had the chance of meeting Kent and Samantha before the wedding, as they lived a couple hours away from Stockholm.

Is it going to feel ok? Are they going to be nice? Am I going to feel connected to them?

We got to the church an hour before planned and I called Kent. ”We have arrived!!!”, I said. ”Good! And I’m feeling as nervous as I could ever feel!”, he said with a trembling voice. I laughed and said: ”Breath, breeeeeaaaaath!”

And then we met. He came smiling towards me, with his arms wide open in a very big hug.

”I’m soooo nervous! It feels good to have you guys here. I’ll try to breath now!”. He smiled his charismatic smile and left to hug everybody else that had arrived. And then everything felt just right, as we had known each other for ages!

Warmth, a great inspiring priest, amazing friends that had traveld thousands of miles just to be here today, and a gorgeous 700 year old church in Tortuna, Västerås. And as Samantha said, a weather not very different from South Africa!

Just perfect!


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