Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: South Korea and Sweden!

miyu409miyu814I’ve learned today that this beautiful board is usually given to newlyweds in South Korea, on the day of their wedding. It means:


Just as simple as that. And it should be hanged on your door. The door of your new house. Wouln’t it be great if we could all have one of those hanging on our doors? Well, this sign has already done its deed with me: I’ve been smiling already all day.

Yumi and Mikael are just these kind of people who are impossible not to love. As Mikael’s mom said today, ”They are so alike that it’s almost weird to think they come from totally different backgrounds!” Mikael is the one responsible for  the cute picture of the two of them together. And Yumi’s mom was an adorable sight: a true South Korean beauty dressed in the country’s typical dress. Wow! Even though the weather was completely crazy all day, with rain showers interrupted by moments of strong sunshine, there was perfect timing on everything: sun when we needed it to show up and rain when we wanted to use our beautiful umbrellas.

Thank you guys for choosing me to document the meeting of these two amazing cultures!

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