Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords.se: Swedish Men, beware!

mc433mc151Yes, now it’s a fact: French men are stealing all the Swedish beautiful women! Maybe it’s a revenge for when the vikings came and took away theirs…..eheheh….

I’ve just spent the most wonderful sunny day with Märta and Christophe in Stjärnholms Stiffsgård in Nyköping. And just an amazing couple to make me sit for five hours in front of the computer after shooting for five. And you will understand why I couldn’t just leave: love like theirs is a priviledge to witness.

Their ceremony was held in French and Swedish and the happiness from their  friends  and family together with the passion emanating from those two made me float in clouds all the drive home.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a real job…today it felt more like a ”love therapy” for my soul!



Yes, it’s such a great job that no wonder competition was really hard today…..


The cutest, warmest, most touching part of the day was Christophe practicing to read his vowels in Swedish. And then actually reading them in the church. Soooooo adorable!mc387mc405mc413mc421mc438mc451För flera bilder: www.morethanwords.se/blog

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