Juliana Wiklund/morethanwords:Voyeur meets paparazzi

sf029On Monday I had planned to go downtown in the evening and test my camera abilities shooting in total darkness without a flash, as a preparation for a wedding I’m going to have in the same premisses.

My dearest assistant and good friend  Fredrik thought it was a great idea as well and together with his wife, posed as our models. My friend Kristina Holm and I were supposed to test and explore all possibilities of natural light, in the darkness. I know, a controversial concept, though it worked much much better than expected!

The test-shoot which started with a paparazzi theme (yes, if I get to choose, we always have a ”theme”….ehehehe…..), and then, because of the sexy couple and the great place we found indoors (mmm…. red and purple neon  lights and soft fabric hanging from the ceiling..mmmm),  it became more of a voyeur shoot….at least as fun, of course!

When booking your photograph for a winter wedding, be sure to ask him to test the light before hand. And be sure to ask him/her to dare photograph with no flash, using the light you have available. Always challenging but with amazing results if you manage to tame the light!

And yes, it you thought you saw a homeless sitting on the sidewalk with a silver reflector around her neck…..well, yes, you did….though  it was only me waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive……ahahhaha……

More pictures from this shot you find at Morethanwords Blog


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  • OttossonPhoto december 16, 2009 - 6:24 e m

    Vilka underbara kompositioner! Du är grym!!! Och bra jobbat med ickeljuset 🙂