Mats & Tina, Karlsbergs Slott, by Juliana Wiklund/

mt086Crier. I don’t even know it this word exists but that’s a word I would normally use to define myself.

I cry at weddings. It’s a fact. Sometimes it’s just a discreet tear that comes up to my eye and it’s not even shed, sometimes it’s a couple of drops that roll down my cheek.

Last Saturday, I could experience a whole new class of tears. A blow, just like as if the  wind had blown a hot emotional wave right through my heart. That’s how I felt when I witnessed Mats seeing Tina for the first time. And I couldn’t hold them, they just rolled down my cheeks, many of them, and I really had to think as something as boring as how many bricks it had been necessary for people to build Karlsberg to be able to sharpen up and document the moment.

This warm blow covered my heart like a love mantel the whole day. Everything was full of love around Mats and Tina. Mats’s kids looking at Tina with love and pride, their almost paupable happiness and joy for dad’s happiness and joy.

Beautiful. Touching. Eternal: paupable love. And I felt honored for having being chosen to document that! Thanks!

A fun note: their wedding rings were exactly like mine! First time in all those fifteen years as a wedding photographer that I’ve seen rings like ours. Well, another proof that my being their wedding photographer was meant to be!


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